Extra Dimension Highlighter

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MAC Extra Dimension Highlighter

M·A·C Extra Dimension Skinfinish Highlighter adds the perfect glow to skin. The liquid-powder highlighter, with prismatic reflections, is designed to sculpt and highlight your face, leaving a luminous, well-defined finish. The creamy powder formula lasts up to 10 hours.

Radiate with a Multidimensional Glow using Extra Dimension.

Illuminate Your Features: Experience the transformative power of Extra Dimension. This remarkable highlighter is designed to enhance your natural beauty and give your skin a luminous and multidimensional glow.

Buildable Formula for Customizable Radiance: Extra Dimension Highlighter features a buildable formula, allowing you to create your desired level of radiance. Whether you prefer a subtle, dewy sheen or an intense, strobing effect, this highlighter adapts to your preferences and lets you tailor your glow to perfection.

Light-Reflecting Pigments for a Stunning Effect: Infused with light-reflecting pigments. Extra Dimension delivers a mesmerizing shimmer that catches the light from every angle. As a result, you achieve a captivating glow that accentuates your best features and brings a luminous radiance to your complexion.

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